Strategic Plan

Franklin Boro School District

Strategic Plan 2018—2023

Goals & Objectives

GOAL AREA 1:  Learning / Academics and the Whole Child

To further develop our program of studies to address academic standards and foster an interest in career development, so that any student can become a well-rounded member of society.


  1. Continue to offer rigorous and diverse courses that promote academic achievement.

  2. Incorporate vocational-awareness into existing programs.

  3. Promote self-esteem and success at every level.

GOAL AREA 2:  Health and Wellness of All

To create and foster an environment that promotes the overall health and wellness of students, faculty, and staff through positive learning experiences.


  1. Develop programs that support student interests and creativity.

  2. Create productive citizens through school-wide community service opportunities.

  3. Create and enhance school-wide team-building exercises.

  4. Develop professional development opportunities that promote positive mental health initiatives.

  5. Increase parent participation in school initiatives.

GOAL AREA # 3:  21st-Century Campus

To continually improve the functionality of the school to encourage innovative thinkers.


  1. Campus-wide re-examination and re-configuration to the layout.

  2. Integrate art throughout the campus.

  3. Continually update campus security and safety.

  4. Provide global innovative technology.